Active Package 20 Meals


MassMeals Active Program is a specifically designed to help those looking to maintain weight in a healthy, nutritionally balanced, weekly program. All meals are PRE-SET to obtain optimal health benefits.


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and failed, odds are you probably don’t have a great relationship with your body. It’s not that you don’t want to make things better — it’s just that no matter what you do, you and your body struggle to get on the same page. You want to lose weight and your body, well, it seems to have other ideas.

So we want to offer our own version of counseling. It’s the approach we’ve used at MassMeals with our Lean program.  Hundreds of clients have used it to lose thousands of pounds. And now we want to share it with you.

  • GOAL: Weight Loss, Weight Management, and Healthy Living
  • SPECIALTY: Calorie-Controlled and Nutritionally Balanced Menu
  • SCHEDULE:  7 day week schedules available

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